始めると共に1年間はアメリカの "SDP (Society of Decorative Painters)" の会員となり、
情報収集と 交流をしました。


作品は、 ほとんど木製の素材を使用しています。 また、UVレジンやビーズのアクセサリーも手がけております。


I really loved handcraft from childhood, so and began the Tole painting 22 years ago.
For the first time one year became a member of "SDP (Society of Decorative Painters)" of the United States
and did information gathering contact to each other.

Then, about two years, opened the Tole painting classroom and perform lecturer activities
and have continued to making various works.

The present, is the work making by Tole painting and decoupage (deco-patch).
The works is mostly use the wooden material.
In addition, are also working to making accessories of UV resin and beads.

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